Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Chapter 1 Recap / Chapter 2 Intro

By Scoop S'calara, writer for the Tel'Aran Times

Disaster struck last night at the official celebration for Ilia Skysong's Tenure as the department chair for Demonology at Tel'Aran University!

Bustin' Jeeber, local celebrity and singer songwriter, had this to say:

"Man, things just got real crazy in there. I managed to save a giant Tiefling barbarian from under a chandelier, but even I was so busy I didn't see where the Netherkeep kidnappers had taken Professor Skysong."

Highlady Luxin, may she live forever in Grace, has reportedly hanged the security staff of the event, minus one soldier who went missing after the events. She has said that this was an act of war, and the Empire's relationship with the rebels in Netherkeep grows to the point of consistent conflict.

Our sources say War will be declared tomorrow, Light save us all.

The Highlady has sent an elite taskforce of some of her finest agents to track down and retrieve Skysong.

Our sources place them somewhere in the [[Thakandar Valley]], near the village of Eos. This is of course neutral territory in the no man's land between our empire in the East and Netherkeep in the West, so we all pray for their safety and trust in their competence during a time of danger and strife. 

I'm Scoop S'calara, and that's the Scoop! 


“After seeing you all perform today, we just may not all die.”

Awesome job GM and an excellent start to our quest.

Chapter 1 Recap / Chapter 2 Intro
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