Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Chapter 2 Recap

A strange temple to Lolth has arisen outside of a quiet gnomish town. A black overcast covers the sky as whispers wind through the forrest.

The team sent to recover Ilia Skysong has caught their first glimpse: The professor chained to a strange pillar in a bleak pantheon. 

In search of her, the team has descended through a dark tunnel system where half the party has found themselves in the Underdark, and the other half in a strange draconic crypt.

What secrets await these long forgotten chambers?

And what do they have to do with Ilia Skysong?

What of the civil war brewing on the surface?

Find out next time with:

<u>Chapter 3: Tales of Menzobarranzan </u>


Dgreenfeld Dgreenfeld

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