Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Session 3 and 4 Recap

Menzobarranzan was a strange place. It was here the gang ran into the other party sent by Highlady Luxin Leraux. It became apparent that Skysong was being held in Tel'Aran at least partially against her will. She had been travelling to Netherkeep in the East before she was abducted. Dom saw a vision of Skysong up in the north, possibly near El'Ranath. 

Speaking of El'Ranath, strange things are happening with the Drow! They attempted to raise all of Menzobarranzan to the surface, and rumor has it they are trying to ressurect their old leader El'Ranath. Communications with the city El'Ranath have ceased.

Upon leaving Menzobarranzan and reaching the Homestead, the gang went into the strange mansion of Magnus Mirion, recovering the keystone necessary to open the teleportation gateway between Homestead and Netherkeep.




Dgreenfeld Dgreenfeld

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