Tiefling Ranger


Anzu was told by her employer that a young, poorly defended and ill-suited for combat millionaire would be attending the event – and it wasn’t Bustin’ Jeeber. We all know he’s packing. This particular millionaire seemed to have an affinity for bats… And possibly men? Or the two combined? Unclear.

She donned the disguise of a beautiful yet mysteriously forlorn femme fatale, knocked an unsuspecting partygoer NPC unconscious in the street, stole the invitation, and snuck into the event in search of her mark.

Anzu doesn’t do favors, and certainly has no interest in flamboyant businessmen. She prefers to keep to herself and sell her hunted, rare meats and semi-unethical goods on the black market. However, for the confidence of her target, her employer offered her a sum she couldn’t refuse. She would finally have enough gold coins to pursue her lifelong dream – to open her own cafe of gourmet nachos. Years of solitude and abandonment and whatever has lead her to find within herself a passion, no, a sweet and tender infatuation, for queso.


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