Human Sorcerer


• Dom appears to be a man reaching his 30th year with soft brown hair, lighter skin with a touch of freckles, with seafoam colored eyes that become a piercing green when he becomes focused or angry. He stands tall, taller than most he has ever met. Originally he felt gangly and awkward but now having spent some time in adulthood he has grown accustomed to his height and bears it well.


• Dom doesn’t know his parentage as he was left on the steps of the Tel’aran University Kitchens some 30 years ago.
• Dom was taken in by the kitchen staff and was considered the son of Cook, the beloved but feared ruler of the kitchen domain.
• When Dom was old enough he became the pet project of Professor Ilia Skysong, who decided that the small boy who kept appearing as a helper in the dining room could benefit from some tutelage .
• As Dom grew older he, as a friend of many of the professors not because the Tel’aran University administration held any love for him, sat in on many of the classes that were taught at the university.
• Though Dom never told anyone he hoped that one of the classes he listened in on would explain to him the origin of the unexplained small magics he could seem to produce with a thought. And the bigger “accidents” that seemed to stem from his actions..
• In the last few years the “accidents” have seemed to lessen as Dom grew more confident that since they were stemming from him and if something could go wrong there was also the chance that it could go right.
• Growing up as he did Dom feels that one must respect his betters. But that does not necessarily mean those above his station or those in power.


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