Logain Al'ir




Young, handsome, and charismatic, Logain Al’ir is the only son of the late Garen Al’ir, High General of Koramor.

On the night of his father’s death, Logain retreated to the East side of Koramor to Netherkeep, a large fortress-city that looks over the west continent with it’s back to the see.

In the months since, garrisons of Garen’s soldiers have been slowly abandoning their posts, joining Logain in Netherkeep and the surrounding lands. Trade has been slowly cut to nothing, and there is talk of civil war:

Luxin Leraux out of Tel’aran in the West, and Logain Al’ir based in Netherkeep in the East. Things are hostile, but open war has not been yet declared.

Logain Al'ir

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