Rennos Gengarran

Half-Elf Rogue


Proficiency Bonus: +2
Class: Rogue
Race: Half-Elf
Primary Ability: Dexterity

  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Saving Throws: Charmed, Sleep Resistant

Class Features:

  • Expertise: Doubling 2 Skill Bonus
  • Sneak Attack: Extra 2d6 Damage if Advantage
  • Thievescant
  • Hit Points Level 3 = 23
  • Hit Die: 1d8
  • Saving throws: Dex, Int


  • Stealth
  • Acrobatics
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Persuasion

Alignment: Chaotic, Neutral
Initiative: +2


  • Hand Crossbow: 1d6 Piercing
  • Rapier: 1d8 Piercing
  • burglar’s pack
  • 2 daggers 1d4 Piercing each (range 20/60)
  • thieves tools (small file, set of lock picks, mirror on metal handle, narrow bladed scissors, pair of pliers)
    *Ba-Dagger: 1d4 +1 Piercing (Range 20/60)

Armor Class: 13, Leather


Rennos Gengarran (Reh-NO-ss Gehn-Garr-Ran) descends from a very wealthy family who have lived in the heart of Tel’aran. From his youth, Rennos has excelled at seemingly anything that does not pertain to his noble background; hopping across rooftops like a homeless peasant, a run in with local guard after being caught for pick-pocketing fellow nobleman in youth (though only caught twice), and other assorted skills beneath his status. His skillset likely stems from his tragic upbringing and current status as outcast amongst the high nobles of Tel-Aran.

Rennos was raised under… rough circumstances to say the least. The relationship between his father, a human noble bard (whose initial wealth stems from caseiculture) named Alrik Gengarran, and mother, a beautiful elf named, Ashwyn Merrona, was highly disapproved by both sides of the family. Although they were close as a family, that was cut short when Alrik was found murdered in an alley. A trail of blood and jewels left Rennos to believe that his mother was likely kidnapped and killed when he was just a young boy..

Thankfully, a friend emerged in a similar situation, Luxin Leraux. Although they were never close, Luxin helped guide Rennos through a tumultuous time along with his assortment of staff manning the Gengarran household. Including those most interested in Rennos’ skillset flourishing.

Rennos was recently invited by his family friend, Luxin, to the party of a prominent professor. Rennos is looking forward to seeing who may show up and testing out some new skills he’s been working on…

Rennos Gengarran

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