Koramor Homebrew Campaign

The Day Of Light
A Socialogical Journal Submission by Researcher Andrew Jensen

Today, The 27th day of Artus in the year 306 marks a strange day in Tel'Aran history.

A few hours past noon, a strange substance begins descending from the Grand Tower at the University.

What followed was an afternoon of unprecedented behavior and events, concluding with the signing of the Treaty of Peace between Netherkeep and Tel'Aran.

However, this afternoon also holds the record for most marriages and marriage proposals in a single day (beating out the previous record by over 10 times te former number, even when scaled for population growth.) 

Additional interesting records include zero suicides, murders, and assaults, and of course, the remission of the strange illness that had overtaken the poorer neighboorhoods of the city.


We sociologists already deem it the "Day of Light", and while only a select few purportedly know and have rewarded the instigators of this incredible day, their identities remain unknown to the public at large. 



Season 2B: Angels and Demons / Race For The Cure
Episode 2: Stop (Hammer) Time! / These Dwarves Ain't Loyal

After returning to Netherkeep with Luxin and Alric Eskith in tow, the adventurers are faced with a tough decision when they learn of the attacks on Homestead and the plague ship of cursed emissaries from the West Continent who attacked the welcome crew on sight.

The adventurers welcomed Tðɑstɑr and Bléndɑr when they hatched from their eggs. 

With some quick thinking, Rennos was able to avoid both letting Homestead fall and letting the contagion have more time to spread by invoking (Through strange and still unknown means) the powers of their new dragon friends.

After meeting up with Bromhilde and Shala, the group moved into the dark mountain of…..Darkmount, and after stealthily sabotaging the forgemaster's conveyor belt, fighting their way through an ancient throne room where the ancient protective relic, the Thundermoat was waiting to be reclaimed. 

Season 2, Arc 1 Recap
A Strange Time In the Desert

In the North, El'Ranath falls deep beneath the snow. Professor Skysong passes her burden to Dom, who takes it with all the gravity it deserves. 

In the heart of the continent, West marches towards East as Tel'Aran moves forces towards Netherkeep. You hear word that Homestead, the last major bastion of the East, is under attack. 

Yet further south, Time itself is threatened. 

Blind in the desert you meet the Children of the Dragon, the Al'Ashari, who welcome you into their camp but not their culture. 

Three Trials they asked of you, and three trials you completed.

You walked through the Arches of Time, and witnessed the height of the Bronze Dragons, then the fall of the Bronze Dragons. Then the birth of the Dragonborn, and the cruel war that laid them low. You saw the mysterious Traveller, who holds the metaphorical second key that must be turned at the same time as the Skysong to give the Bronze Dragons life again, and restore the Keepers of Time. 

You found one of the Traveller's fortresses deep beneath the sand, and in doing so learned lost lineages of the half-elves of the party.

You recovered the orb. 

You even munched on some Ashari Delicacies as a reward for your trust. 

Finally, you made your way to a strange anomaly in time, chasing angels into a pit. You found Luxin Leraux and the world she re-wrote, scorned by her mother's rejection. Yet these are not the hirelings she knew so many months ago, and in the end it was you who placed the orb in it's resting place. 

Now the Bronze Dragons breathe again, it is clear that the war and destruction Tel'Aran is bringing East could be influenced by other forces, and it's back to Tel'Aran, after so long, the heroes must return.

When a bouncer returns a Day,

And a demon brings a curse as lethal as her vengeance;

Where a storyteller returns a heroine of fable,

and a rogue returns a man of Code. 

Where Slave returns a Savior,

And Sorcerer returns a Song. 


Next Time, On D&D. 


Season 2, Episode 1
Scorpions! *Hiss*

The Adventurers found themselves in Logain's office, where he cut to the choice and told them two things. First, that Skysong's office had crashed into the city in a very arcane way, and secondly, that things were about to get very "busy" for him politically, and dragons really weren't his thing. 

After finding a few gifts from Skysong in her office, Dom suggested they start their search in the library. While Sapphira and Dom spoke privately, the gang researched and researched, and research. 

Their only lead was an (evidently charming but has-been) adventurer of folk legend named Bill of Ashari. 

Known to use the same border town for his crossings, the Adventurers headed south towards Bordertown and Ashari.

Two weeks later, they handed in their horses for camels, asked a pianist for some info, and after only a day of travel came upon the fresh corpse of Bill, killed. 

After a bloody confrontation with the infamously known Skorpion mercenary company, lead by an estranged Eskith son, the adventurers found themselves surrounded by the Alal'Ashari, the Children of the Dragon.

In their cavern, in a small room built into the walls of the cave, the adventurers now sleep on hard beds with linen sheets, awaiting to hear what their Trials tomorrow will contain. 



Session 3 and 4 Recap

Menzobarranzan was a strange place. It was here the gang ran into the other party sent by Highlady Luxin Leraux. It became apparent that Skysong was being held in Tel'Aran at least partially against her will. She had been travelling to Netherkeep in the East before she was abducted. Dom saw a vision of Skysong up in the north, possibly near El'Ranath. 

Speaking of El'Ranath, strange things are happening with the Drow! They attempted to raise all of Menzobarranzan to the surface, and rumor has it they are trying to ressurect their old leader El'Ranath. Communications with the city El'Ranath have ceased.

Upon leaving Menzobarranzan and reaching the Homestead, the gang went into the strange mansion of Magnus Mirion, recovering the keystone necessary to open the teleportation gateway between Homestead and Netherkeep.



Chapter 2 Recap

A strange temple to Lolth has arisen outside of a quiet gnomish town. A black overcast covers the sky as whispers wind through the forrest.

The team sent to recover Ilia Skysong has caught their first glimpse: The professor chained to a strange pillar in a bleak pantheon. 

In search of her, the team has descended through a dark tunnel system where half the party has found themselves in the Underdark, and the other half in a strange draconic crypt.

What secrets await these long forgotten chambers?

And what do they have to do with Ilia Skysong?

What of the civil war brewing on the surface?

Find out next time with:

<u>Chapter 3: Tales of Menzobarranzan </u>

Chapter 2: Hangover

What a party! Dramatic, abrupt, and disturbing. After fighting your way through the bandit-seized fortress and sizzling the highwaymen to death, you found the tracker crystal lying disconcertingly with a note; who's only (recognizable?) contents being: 

"Nice Try. —Ilia Skysong".

What does this mean? What does this imply about her kidnapping, and Highlady Luxin Leraux's watchful eye on the professor?

As you head east towards the small town of Cherrycreek, you can tell that something is amiss. 

Chapter 1 Recap / Chapter 2 Intro
By Scoop S'calara, writer for the Tel'Aran Times

Disaster struck last night at the official celebration for Ilia Skysong's Tenure as the department chair for Demonology at Tel'Aran University!

Bustin' Jeeber, local celebrity and singer songwriter, had this to say:

"Man, things just got real crazy in there. I managed to save a giant Tiefling barbarian from under a chandelier, but even I was so busy I didn't see where the Netherkeep kidnappers had taken Professor Skysong."

Highlady Luxin, may she live forever in Grace, has reportedly hanged the security staff of the event, minus one soldier who went missing after the events. She has said that this was an act of war, and the Empire's relationship with the rebels in Netherkeep grows to the point of consistent conflict.

Our sources say War will be declared tomorrow, Light save us all.

The Highlady has sent an elite taskforce of some of her finest agents to track down and retrieve Skysong.

Our sources place them somewhere in the [[Thakandar Valley]], near the village of Eos. This is of course neutral territory in the no man's land between our empire in the East and Netherkeep in the West, so we all pray for their safety and trust in their competence during a time of danger and strife. 

I'm Scoop S'calara, and that's the Scoop! 

Welcome Adventurers!

For a nearly-immortal Eladrin High Elf, getting “tenure” at a university is a pretty big deal. Such a big deal in fact, the large but relatively wealthy melting pot city of Tel’aran is throwing a party, and you’re going to be there. I don’t care why, as long as it makes sense. It is a large, high society party, but there are plenty of ways to be there without an invitation, if your character would never get one legitimately. The invitations read as so: 

“To Our Honored Guests: For her 400 years of service, and for her new, Tenured position at Tel’aran University, we invite you to a formal celebration of Demonology Professor Ilia Skysong’s illustrious career, and illustrious career to come. Expect dancing, delicacies, and a large demon cake that took ages to bake. (Not literally of course!) Attire is ultra-formal, arrive promptly by 7. To All Kitchen Workers, House Slaves, and Other Working Staff: One step out of line and you will be beaten mercilessly . To All Criminal Types Intent on Breaking In: Killing you will be the after party. Also worth noting, famous Orc pop-star Bustin’ Jeeber will be performing! So get excited!  See you all Sunday Night!” –A Fine Cursive Signature Reads “Highlady Luxin Leraux"

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