Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Season 2, Episode 1

Scorpions! *Hiss*

The Adventurers found themselves in Logain's office, where he cut to the choice and told them two things. First, that Skysong's office had crashed into the city in a very arcane way, and secondly, that things were about to get very "busy" for him politically, and dragons really weren't his thing. 

After finding a few gifts from Skysong in her office, Dom suggested they start their search in the library. While Sapphira and Dom spoke privately, the gang researched and researched, and research. 

Their only lead was an (evidently charming but has-been) adventurer of folk legend named Bill of Ashari. 

Known to use the same border town for his crossings, the Adventurers headed south towards Bordertown and Ashari.

Two weeks later, they handed in their horses for camels, asked a pianist for some info, and after only a day of travel came upon the fresh corpse of Bill, killed. 

After a bloody confrontation with the infamously known Skorpion mercenary company, lead by an estranged Eskith son, the adventurers found themselves surrounded by the Alal'Ashari, the Children of the Dragon.

In their cavern, in a small room built into the walls of the cave, the adventurers now sleep on hard beds with linen sheets, awaiting to hear what their Trials tomorrow will contain. 




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