Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Welcome Adventurers!

For a nearly-immortal Eladrin High Elf, getting “tenure” at a university is a pretty big deal. Such a big deal in fact, the large but relatively wealthy melting pot city of Tel’aran is throwing a party, and you’re going to be there. I don’t care why, as long as it makes sense. It is a large, high society party, but there are plenty of ways to be there without an invitation, if your character would never get one legitimately. The invitations read as so: 

“To Our Honored Guests: For her 400 years of service, and for her new, Tenured position at Tel’aran University, we invite you to a formal celebration of Demonology Professor Ilia Skysong’s illustrious career, and illustrious career to come. Expect dancing, delicacies, and a large demon cake that took ages to bake. (Not literally of course!) Attire is ultra-formal, arrive promptly by 7. To All Kitchen Workers, House Slaves, and Other Working Staff: One step out of line and you will be beaten mercilessly . To All Criminal Types Intent on Breaking In: Killing you will be the after party. Also worth noting, famous Orc pop-star Bustin’ Jeeber will be performing! So get excited!  See you all Sunday Night!” –A Fine Cursive Signature Reads “Highlady Luxin Leraux"


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