Dai'shan, Son of Jon'dai


Dai’shan is around six foot two, with chestnut brown skin, hard blue eyes, and closely shaved hair.

He is around 22 years old, lean, and muscular.

He wears leather pants and boots, a chain shirt with small pieces of scale plate, and on top of all, a brown desert cloak, quickly becoming torn and frayed.


My people, the Al’Ashari are a harsh people, and a firm people, but we are not a cruel people. And so when one of our own is born mentally or otherwise infirm, we do not discard them. Instead the strongest and most talented of our youth are selected to become Sparrows, the guardians of those who cannot help themselves.

Every day in the desert is a fight for survival. Yet the Sparrows must not only survive themselves, but ensure the survival of those who cannot help themselves.

It is considered the highest honor.

And yet, when the rest of the warriors leave on raids or hunts, it is the Sparrows who are left behind to defend the children.

When our nomadic people move, it is the Sparrows furthest behind, walking at a quarter pace with those who struggle even to stand.

I am a Sparrow no longer.

I left the desert six months ago to seek glory, and though I a have left my duties to go north with a trader’s caravan, Azmodaii still sees fit to guide my spear.

I don’t know why.

Dai'shan, Son of Jon'dai

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