Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Season 2, Arc 1 Recap

A Strange Time In the Desert

In the North, El'Ranath falls deep beneath the snow. Professor Skysong passes her burden to Dom, who takes it with all the gravity it deserves. 

In the heart of the continent, West marches towards East as Tel'Aran moves forces towards Netherkeep. You hear word that Homestead, the last major bastion of the East, is under attack. 

Yet further south, Time itself is threatened. 

Blind in the desert you meet the Children of the Dragon, the Al'Ashari, who welcome you into their camp but not their culture. 

Three Trials they asked of you, and three trials you completed.

You walked through the Arches of Time, and witnessed the height of the Bronze Dragons, then the fall of the Bronze Dragons. Then the birth of the Dragonborn, and the cruel war that laid them low. You saw the mysterious Traveller, who holds the metaphorical second key that must be turned at the same time as the Skysong to give the Bronze Dragons life again, and restore the Keepers of Time. 

You found one of the Traveller's fortresses deep beneath the sand, and in doing so learned lost lineages of the half-elves of the party.

You recovered the orb. 

You even munched on some Ashari Delicacies as a reward for your trust. 

Finally, you made your way to a strange anomaly in time, chasing angels into a pit. You found Luxin Leraux and the world she re-wrote, scorned by her mother's rejection. Yet these are not the hirelings she knew so many months ago, and in the end it was you who placed the orb in it's resting place. 

Now the Bronze Dragons breathe again, it is clear that the war and destruction Tel'Aran is bringing East could be influenced by other forces, and it's back to Tel'Aran, after so long, the heroes must return.

When a bouncer returns a Day,

And a demon brings a curse as lethal as her vengeance;

Where a storyteller returns a heroine of fable,

and a rogue returns a man of Code. 

Where Slave returns a Savior,

And Sorcerer returns a Song. 


Next Time, On D&D. 



Dgreenfeld Dgreenfeld

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