Koramor Homebrew Campaign

Season 2B: Angels and Demons / Race For The Cure

Episode 2: Stop (Hammer) Time! / These Dwarves Ain't Loyal

After returning to Netherkeep with Luxin and Alric Eskith in tow, the adventurers are faced with a tough decision when they learn of the attacks on Homestead and the plague ship of cursed emissaries from the West Continent who attacked the welcome crew on sight.

The adventurers welcomed Tðɑstɑr and Bléndɑr when they hatched from their eggs. 

With some quick thinking, Rennos was able to avoid both letting Homestead fall and letting the contagion have more time to spread by invoking (Through strange and still unknown means) the powers of their new dragon friends.

After meeting up with Bromhilde and Shala, the group moved into the dark mountain of…..Darkmount, and after stealthily sabotaging the forgemaster's conveyor belt, fighting their way through an ancient throne room where the ancient protective relic, the Thundermoat was waiting to be reclaimed. 


What was the name of the robot guardian that wouldn’t let us through the door? I think Higgins, but I mean his race name?

Dgreenfeld Dgreenfeld

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