Koramor Homebrew Campaign

The Day Of Light

A Socialogical Journal Submission by Researcher Andrew Jensen

Today, The 27th day of Artus in the year 306 marks a strange day in Tel'Aran history.

A few hours past noon, a strange substance begins descending from the Grand Tower at the University.

What followed was an afternoon of unprecedented behavior and events, concluding with the signing of the Treaty of Peace between Netherkeep and Tel'Aran.

However, this afternoon also holds the record for most marriages and marriage proposals in a single day (beating out the previous record by over 10 times te former number, even when scaled for population growth.) 

Additional interesting records include zero suicides, murders, and assaults, and of course, the remission of the strange illness that had overtaken the poorer neighboorhoods of the city.


We sociologists already deem it the "Day of Light", and while only a select few purportedly know and have rewarded the instigators of this incredible day, their identities remain unknown to the public at large. 




Dgreenfeld Dgreenfeld

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